A Summer Visit Turns Into A Lifetime

The frigid Michigan winters are a long way from the warm year-round climate in Upstate South Carolina. A significant point, actually, as that was one of the deciding factors in Mark and Kelly Purcell relocating to Greenville, SC a few years back. “We love the outdoors, and northern Michigan is beautiful in the summer—for about three months,” says Mark. “Then it gets cold again. We were tired of the long winters and wanted to relocate to an area that had a milder climate with four distinct seasons.”

With the move complete and a thriving medical practice in Greenville and the surrounding area, Mark set his sights on finding a family vacation home. Their dream all along was to build a lake house that was close by so that they—and their two girls, Hannah(6) and Chloe(4)—could enjoy it on weekends and vacations throughout the year. After looking around this coveted region and visiting with several communities, the Purcell’s purchased a lot at The Reserve at Lake Keowee in the fall of 2015. “The Reserve is just the perfect place,” Mark says. “From the first time we visited in June of 2015 and watched the girls reaction, there was no turning back. This was the community for us.”

The Reserve: through the eyes of a child

Once their Village Point lot was purchased, the Purcells wasted little time building their new vacation home. “We began construction right away,” says Mark. “We were eager to begin enjoying the Reserve experience immediately—the lake, the golf, and the wide range of amenities for families.” Much of their decision to buy at Village Point was based on Hannah and Chloe, who had fallen in love with the nearby Splash Pool and Playground, as well as the Village Center and Market. Mark recalls: “Hannah, our six-year old, actually created a book with simple words and pictures about her trip to ‘The Market’ one fall weekend. It was Oktoberfest, and the book recounts how she was filled with wonder while walking to The Market and spotting a large Bouncy House. She, of course, was thrilled and played in the house, meeting two other little girls inside with whom she became fast friends. It was a very simple yet magical experience for her, one that she wanted to create a little book about—and one that she’ll likely remember fondly the rest of her life.”

The Day I Went to The Market by Hannah Purcell – Read Book

A community that fits every stage of your life

Making new friends at The Reserve, like Hannah, is a common occurrence, regardless of age. In addition to the premier setting on Lake Keowee and the vast array of world-class amenities, The Reserve is truly a family-oriented community. “At the end of the day,” says Mark, “the quality I like most about The Reserve is that it is family oriented. No matter what stage of life you’re in or how big your extended family is, The Reserve is perfect for all ages—from retirees to grand children, and everyone in between. Our two little girls love it here as much as Kelly and I, maybe more. This is where we want to spend the girls’ formative years, and it’s also where we want to spend our retirement years. We plan on being here for a lifetime of adventure and fun.”

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