Going Green on Keowee: Volunteers take part in the FOLKS Fall Lake Sweep

Fall 2010 Lake Sweep Volunteers

As part of The Reserve’s continued commitment to “going green,” the Community Foundation participates in the the bi-annual “Lake Sweep,” a lake-wide clean-up effort spearheaded by F.O.L.K.S, Friends Of Lake Keowee Society.  The Reserve has also recently adopted five islands in Lake Keowee— Islands 17, 17A, 17B, 17C, and 17D are now monitored and maintained by The Reserve and its members. The property owners and staff from The Reserve are proud to be part of the effort to preserve Lake Keowee’s natural beauty.  

Get involved: Join us for a Lake Sweep in 2011!
Watch our online calendar for details, or contact me at kgravely@reservekeowee.com to sign up.

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