We looked all over Lake Keowee and
Peninsula Ridge is second to none.
For my family, this is without question the best Lake Keowee property at the best community.
— Mark Phillips, Peninsula Ridge homeowner

We've saved our best for last:
Peninsula Ridge

Peninsula Ridge

Our Final Lakefront Property Release is
our most spectacular

Picture a setting as coveted as it is stunning. Located on a private ribbon of scenic lakefront, offering families a life of recreation, natural wonders, and year-round fun—all just 20 minutes from Clemson University.

Introducing Peninsula Ridge:
The Reserve's most anticipated new neighborhood

These large, estate-sized homesites give you the best of both worlds: a private, cloistered setting with breathtaking views of mountains and lake, as well as convenient access to The Village and Pool Pavilion using our concierge ferry service. This is The Reserve’s most anticipated new neighborhood, made all the more special by its limited nature. Once these lots are gone, there are no more.

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Peninsula Ridge
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